anddddd the fire is out!

Sorry I’ve been absent. I have been reading a lot of books and magazines and curling up with cups of tea. And of course working. 😛
I finished my skirt! Love it! but not a lot of places I’ll wear it. I’m just gonna have to get more dressy! It looks awesome!
it’s cute! and I think with the denim I can dress it up or make it casual. I just need to experiment a LOT more!
And did you notice the shirt! Does it look familiar? its the same as the grey renfrew, but I made it with stripes! and I did a pretty good job matching them up too, if I don’t say so myself!
I could have tucked the shirt in a little better…
and this picture is probably not necessary! haha! but I couldn’t help it!
oh, yea, and I can move and sit down too without any trouble. fits like a glove! ! But, here’s my normal style…
Sweats, concert T, and fox socks! bahahaha!
OOOOOoooo! and I’m trying to knit a hat!
isn’t that CUTE! I actually am not far at all, I keep messing up, it will be a process! click on the picture for the link to the Ravelry pattern!
O ya! and I’ve been watching Project Runway-my favorites so far are daniel and Layana, they seem like good people, not evil and conniving! and they make cute things too!
I mean, come on! Look at that mustache! WOO! how could you NOT want him to win!


2 thoughts on “anddddd the fire is out!

  1. Love the hat pattern! And your skirt turned out FANTASTIC!!! Nice going! You’re so good at the shirts now that I can’t even tell they’re homemade! I was thinking how much I liked the stripes and then saw you made it! Sewing Wizard!!!

  2. So Cute!! I was thinking the same thing that your shirt was cute too and then you said you madeit pretty neat!!! and arent you impressed that i finally made it on here? now i just have to remember how to get on the book club!

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