today is weird. already.

hi guys! today has already started out as an odd day for sure. I had the best dream ever, my roommate had moved all of my stuff and me into a one bedroom apartment and “bailed” on the current lease. so she paid me to cover the rest of it. the dream apartment was awesome! it came stocked full of food and chips that had just been fried up in Easter baskets. nice and fresh haha

in other news, this friday i am giving my first lecture to college students ever! i hope it goes well cause i could be doing that for a long while to come. i think it will be fine though, the class is just an hour long and it is an adult develpment class so right up my alley =]

today i actually look like someone that is in charge (not because i am wearing anything nice) (actually pry the opposite, my hair is frizzed out and i have on chucks, jeans, and a jimmy eat world tshirt haha) but i say that because some student from LSU’s engineering master’s program stopped by my office today and handed me his resume. he was asking if i had any jobs for him or knew of any job openings in the department. i was like…hmm i am just a student so i actually can’t do any hiring…sorry. he asked if i would write his email address down so in case anything opened up.

miss you guys!
love beth


4 thoughts on “today is weird. already.

  1. I’m getting lots of practice talking in front of groups, I had to teach Dr. Cherry’s class again on Wednesday as a surprise, with just 25 minutes notice! It went well though- both times =]
    I have a presentation that i need to put together also for a class about aging and source memory (remembering where you heard something) that is due on Monday…then study for an exam on wednesday then write papers like a mad fiend! I have two manuscripts Cherry and i are working on. One first year project paper that combines the two of those manuscripts. One presentation about those manuscripts, and one paper about source memory to write up. lots of work!

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