=D  This is the inside part of my apartment complex!! I just got back from a 2 mile walk in it!  Gorgeous, but also pretty windy haha In all this beautiful snowy weather, I can’t help but think of my friends who have never seen snow down in the Dominican Republic.  Speaking of the DR… I have some exciting news…

I am the new president of Legado here on campus. Legado is an organization for students that come back from the study abroad program in the Dominican Republic.  The first meeting is tomorrow and I’m really excited about it!  Depending on what the members want to do this semester will depend on what the group does.  I think we will try to find a service site, also I’m sure some domino tournaments will be in the works =D  I think this group will be especially important to help me get ready to go back this summer.  Image

I CANT WAIT TO BE BACK!!!  The lovely Legado folks will definitely need to help me sharpen up my domino skills so I don’t make a fool of myself =D



4 thoughts on “ITS SNOWING!!!

  1. HAHA Legado… Well almost no one goes to the meeetings anymore…I guess I don’t need to be worried about running meetings. We did play dominoes at a domino night and I must say, I definitely needed to warm up. I ended up doing pretty well though! Theres going to be another party the 23rd I think… want to come?

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