this girl is on FIRE

I know its getting old, but I still can not get this song out of my head! Love me some Alicia Keys. She’ll be in Seattle March 7! Is anyone in? 🙂
So I’ve been up to so much I just had to fill you in. Right now I’m sipping on my new favorite juice. DSCF8621 Yum! its hot water, 1/10 of a lemon squeezed, a spoonful of honey, and a squeezings from a grapefruit. I just segment the grapefruit really rudimentary with a knife, but end up missing a lot of the fruit, so I just squeeze that in here! (Or scrape it off with my teeth over the sink…) YUM!
Josh and I went to Paint The Town quite a long while back, I just forgot to put up some pictures. I originally went with a friend, but her kid went berzerkowitz and we had to leave. So anywho, I got J to come. He was not as enthused as I was. I made him a mug though!
DSCF8598 check out the handle!
DSCF8599 hahaha! It’s a keeper! Also made this dog bowl!
I had a blast! never too busy for sewing though! Here’s my mostly finished Tiramisu…
Just kind of waiting to decide exactly how long to hem it! I love the style and love the pattern! I can see myself making many more of these. i didn’t make too many alterations, just a straight 30D bust with a 27.5″ waist. I almost made the 30C bust, I’m glad I didn’t! This is not too difficult and VERRRRRY forgiving, so if you are just getting into sewing or should be (wink.wink.beth) GET THIS PATTERN! I love CAKE and Steph the owner/brains/genius behind them is very helpful and approachable! I can’t say enough good things here! I want everyone to know just how awesome this is!



SOOOOO CUTE! I can’t wait til it gets warmer. I’m such a cold person, but I am LOVING these dresses!
OK OK OK on to the next. I know I’m supposed to be working on the 2 sewalongs, but I couldn’t help it. I had to make a new shirt last night!
SHUT UP! how cute is this! It is the Sewaholic Renfrew top and I know everyone in the sewing world already had made about 10 of these, but I just got the pattern and WHOA! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
The hardest part about this was deciding what size to make. So I took a cue from Lauren at LLADYBIRD! (go here! she’s awesome! since we are about the same size. I seem to be an inch bigger than her all around. And her abs are waaaayy flatter than mine. BUT… she makes the cutest stuff and is relatively close to me so I totally copied her. She made a size 4 in the bust and 0 everywhere else. I decided to go with a size 6 in the bust and a 2 everywhere else. Except the end of the sleeve. I drafted that down to a size 0 to accommodate for my bird arms. I’m actually surprised it worked, I love how it fits! DSCF8601
There are 2 more variations for necklines and 2 more variations for sleeves, so expect a lot more of these in the future! I almost cut up like 3 more versions, but I decided to eat cookies instead!
SO. FINALLY. Here’s the whole point of this post. THE CHARLOTTE SKIRT SEWALONG!
I decided to go with denim, and next week should be a great post, they are talking about ruffles and peplums, so they might get me to change my mind. For now I’m just going with plain. I think I would wear it a lot more that way. BUT I may be easily swayed…anywho, here’s what I’ve got so far!
DSCF8618 Amish kindov? BUT it fits like a glove and I have room to sit! I’m liking it so far…
OOOOOh yea! WAY better shortened up a bit. I look hot! Actually almost fell over in this pic. Should practice the heels a bit more.
Last butt (hahahaha) not least…this snap is blurred on purpose cause I don’t want you guys to see it all hanging out since I haven’t done up the back seam yet but ooooooooh yea! check out that fit! snug as a bug in a rug! I’m so excited to wear it out! Too bad I have work commencing in 1.5 hours and lasting for 4 long nights.
+Jury duty next week! YAY! So I’ll probably be more quiet than usual unfortunately! xoxox


8 thoughts on “this girl is on FIRE

  1. you are crazy good at this sewing stuff! That green dress is super cute, and the shirt with the big collar! danggggg gurl!!
    I should pry try to get into it more, it is hard because I am super busy with school right now, but for sure looks exciting!

    so impressive! nice work!!! xoxox
    pry not visiting for alicia keys, but might visit in march 29-apr 7ish if you tell me some days!

    • Ooh ooh ooh ok. Hmm. I def have off April 5 and 6 and ppl owe me a few favors so I should hopefully be able to get the 4th off too! And on the 3rd were going to Rihanna! If u wanna come…

      Sent from my iPod

  2. ps also i think you will like the peplum look once you try it out =] i have a dress that has it, you will like it especially if you dont like your abs, cause it just puffs out there and all you can see is skinny hhaah

    i’ll put up a picture of the dress sometime so you can see it!

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