Well, well, well…

Lately, it seems that I just can’t get enough Sherlock Holmes. I mean, I loved both the Sherlock movies with Robert Downey Jr. Am totally engrossed in Elementary on CBS. And now I’ve been introduced to the BBC series Sherlock. And so far, it hasn’t disappointed at all!



We’ve only seen 4 episodes but I’m already on the edge of my seat, eagerly waiting to see what’s coming next. Yikes! So good!

Maybe I should pick up the books…at this rate, I bet I’d plow right through em!

Anybody else seen this? Or read them? What do you think?!


6 thoughts on “Sherlock

  1. Haven’t seen it, but have seen the movies with jude law owww owww and robert downey jr. and those ones are great!
    Isn’t there another tv show on right now about sherlock?? =]

    oh oops you already addressed that in like the first sentence haha my bad. space cadet on fridays ha

  2. Honestly, I think this show is much better than the Sherlock Holmes movies. Benedict Cumberbatch is the perfect Sherlock! Just wait until you see Season 2 Episode 3. It’s incredible!

    • I would definitely agree with you on that!! The movies were good but these episodes are amazing!!! Holy smokes-episode 3 season 2 was FANTASTIC!!! Can’t wait for them to come back on! How do you think he faked it?!?

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