Back at it!

I think i need to purchase a camera so you guys can see my adventures instead of just having to hear about them! I wrote up a list of all the things Dr. Cherry has been emailing me about doing. it took up a whole sheet of paper to write everything down! EEK! Guess I should start buckling down again….Though it is lunch time. and who can work on an empty stomach?

not this lady! (though soon I will be saying, who can work on a full belly? that’s clearly nap time! haha) for real though, I am gonna eat lunch soon, and then go home and listen to these interviews. unless a student emails me back about converting power points into word files, then I will do that first.

This student has this software that read word files to her, which is very helpful as she is blind. I have bad vision, but still I can’t imagine what it would be like to be blind. It would take a lot of adjustments that is for certain, and would pry make me really frustrated for a long time getting used to doing things differently. Makes me super thankful for my sight.

I have been thinking a little about getting laser eyes, not sure if i want to elect to have surgery that could result in blindness. i know the odds of that happening are really slim, but still why risk what is correctable with stylish glasses? haha

the only surgery i will always elect for is tonsil-ectomy. chop that business out all day any day.

Anywho- it is still feeling good to be back.I still haven’t asked my roommate about the chair of mine she painted. The only thing i can think of that might have driven her to do that aside from just despising me is this: (it is pretty messed up but its all i can rationalize for her) before i left for break, i cleaned everything. the bathroom, the kitchen, vacuumed the living room and my bedroom, took out the trash, cleaned out stuff from the fridge. My friend that was taking me to the airport was in a rush so i was running around doing all this while she was waiting and getting antsy because she wanted to be on the road before it started raining. I had cleaned a pot of my roommates the night before but when i went to put it away- it still had some burned cheese marks on the bottom. so i let it soak while i vacuumed. well we left after that, and i left the pot soaking in the sink. when i was making dinner last night i saw the pot was still there. it took 2 seconds to wipe it clean. but it was her pot, so maybe she thought i ruined it so she could ruin something of mine? what do you guys think?

time for lunch! xoxoxa
love beth

ps i know that is pretty far fetched- so likely she didn’t even think of it. but who knows what goes on in a mind like hers.
pps miss you guys!! still working on christmas cards! oops! haha


8 thoughts on “Back at it!

  1. haha who knows! I will be going home pretty soon today and maybe she will be home and I can talk things out with her. you guys will never believe what she said last night when she got home. it is very offensive to persons with disabilities so I am not gonna write it on here. but still I was so appalled I think I am still in shock. she really is a hot mess.

  2. so yesterday she blew up at me again. basically said the apartment smells bad, which she thinks is cause of me. and then that she is uncomfortable when bryan visits and that the energy bill is high because i leave a light on for my fish a few hours every day even when i am not home.
    I asked her about the chair and she said she thought it was a gift and that didn’t i say it was cheap anyways, so how much did i want for the one chair. like 8 dollars or something?

    i was so shaken up i just told her to forget about it. then she left and i felt like i was living with a bully. after being really sad for awhile i figured i had to talk to her again and sort more things out. so when she got home i asked if we could talk later and she said sure. she apologized for blowing up at me and said that it escalated really fast and she didn’t mean to say a lot of things how she said them and that she just let it bottle up. i told her i thought it was rude for her to say the smell is coming from my room, and that she needs to tell me when things are bothering her instead of bottling it up cause it makes her super unapproachable. I told her that i was going to leave my fish light on becuase it is one light and he is my pet.

    i told her to forget about the chair, we were obviously on different pages with that and if she thought it was a gift fine. but that it wasn’t okay for her to just assume that because it was only 60 dollars doesn’t mean it isn’t a nice set and that i brought it to make the apartment nicer for both of us.

    things are better-ish now. at least the lines of communication are open. and she apologized for blowing up, which means i shouldn’t have to feel like walking on egg shells in my own house.

    and, checked to see how much it would be to just pay the rest of the lease rent and move out=2532. so still pry a little out of range for me since i would have to find another place and pay 6 months there also…. looks like i am still living in the “rat hole” moldy apartment.

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