To School or Bust

Hellllo! Nat gave you a little warning of our fun road trip to school yesterday so I know you’re all eagerly awaiting the details 😉

So Sunday morning mom, Nat, and I set off on a 6 hour journey across Iowa…lots of good things to
See 😉 haha! But we did break up the trip quite a bit with stops which made it much more enjoyable, relaxed, and less stiff. Sure, it took us all day…but check it out…


First stop: world’s largest truck stop! This place really is HUGE! It has everything (well except lotto tickets)…food, slippers, clothing, truck parts, matrix coats


And also had truck displays


All in all, a good stop! Mom had said our trip was going to be “the great casino crawl” but since the ones in quad cities were off the highway a bit we opted for a bunch of scratch off from across the street.


Big money baby!!!!!

We scratched one off every 9 miles…it flew by! Annnnd we won $9!!! Which turned into more lottery tickets 😉 which won 8$ then we turned that in and got more, won $2 and bought mom a drink with it. Sad we never hit the big money 😦


Before we knew it we were in Altoona at our first glorious stop!! Horseshoe Casino!! And we played mom’s favorite game…


JACKPOT PARTY!!! (I also don’t think you’re suppose to take pictures inside…but we’re sneaky!) and, sorry to disclose Nat, but while playing the bonus game…Nat picked buzz kill 3 times in a row. We quickly kicked her out of our parties after that!

We were only up 8 I think when we hit the road again. Need a drink for the road?


Yes please!!

We stopped at another casino in Council Bluffs but I was so engrossed in Texas Tea, Jackpot Party, and Alice in Wonderland that I forgot to take pictures. Especially when mom put in $30 and out popped $85!!!! WaHoo!!!

After that it was nice and close to school. So we settled in for night. After a quick walk around campus…



We hopped in the car for the long trek home! T’was a fun and exciting adventure! Can’t wait to do it again…and now I want to play more slots!

What’s your favorite game to play?!


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