!!! Charlotte skirt sewalong starts today! So did traffic court! Fine cut in half and I don’t have to sign a sworn statement admitting guilt. Shew! So! I decided

20130114-171507.jpg I’m using dark blue denim! It has just the tiniest bit of stretch. I haven’t decided on the peplum yet. I’d like a ruffle but I think with denim it will look a bit too “country mouse” we’ll see. I might just have I do it up in another fabric if I love it! I’m going to start wearing all skirts and dresses again. It will be like 2nd grade!

20130114-171756.jpgclick here to follow sewalong! oooh! I’m so excited!
I also couldn’t just standby and let everyone have all the fun in the Cake Patterns Tiramisu sewalong! So I bought the PDF instant downloadable pattern and jumped on the bandwagon! Such an easy, fun dress! I’m almost done! Need to sew the pocket bags and hem, but I’ve already wore it out once πŸ™‚

20130114-172102.jpg Did I already show you that!? It’s the dress fabric! Soft minty green! Cake Patterns rock! click ME!


20130114-173524.jpg super cute! I need to get a better camera setup so you an see how gorgeous it is, but hey! A little teaser is nice too, right? πŸ™‚ more soon πŸ™‚ xoxoxo


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