From the desk of NAT!!!

WHEW its been way too long since I’ve been on here!  I feels good to be back though.  I’ll give everyone a quick rundown of life from the past month or two.

1. School finished up =D (I told you this would be quick haha)

2. Break started!!! I got to see Lou and hang out for about a month which was awesome beyond explanation!!!! We are so so similar…by the last twwo weeks we would make the same noises when fun Jeopardy categories (outlaws) came up and a TON of little things like that haha

       a.  another fun Christmas playing just dance 4 and chillin with the fam =).  Also, it felt really      good to play French horn at mass again, that always reminds me just how much I’ve been through this year!

         b. I received my first SURPRISE 1/2 birthday party!!  You guys are so Awesome for planning that knowing I’d be gone for my real b-day =) I have such an awesome family.  Its always so so good to see baby E and s, r, a, and k!  fun fun fun… and Mom was the champion bezzerwizzer knowing somehow the right answers to everything!  The cake, candles, yoga pants, jacket, all get an honorable mention as well.  Thanks guys!

        c. Ashok from Wheaton lost his Jeopardy streak of 4 or 5 days =( I was sad cause he was fun to watch.

        d. Reading!!! Thank goodness for the break cause I got to read.  The best books over this break were, the Harbinger and Mountains Beyond Mountains.  The last one really made me want to be a better person and I would recommend it to everyone!  It was such a good book.  Its a true story about Paul Farmer and his efforts to treat people in Haiti with TB.

3. Back at school! (not so short of a list after all haha sorry)… I’ve only been home a day and I’m looking forward to starting school again.  Coming back was so fun too thanks to mom and r!  I’m sure you’ll see the excellent adventure documented by r haha.  

WHEW…sorry everyone, Ill get on more so these don’t have to be so long haha.  Also, I think I’ll put my late resolutions up soon!  A everyone. Oh I almost forgot, I’m going with friends tomorrow to see Les Mis!! I’m super stoked!!!



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