Everyone who likes movies! But Rae and Adam I specifically thought of you…

My friend…well now, I use that term very loosely… I have never met her or even talked to her over Internet, but I think we would be friends if we ran into each other… (Not a sentence)
OK so I follow Sew Weekly or used to in 2012 and one of my favorite seamstresses was always Tempest Devine ( i probably spelt that wrong 😦 sorry if I did Tempest!)
She’s real, she’s funny, she makes awesome stuff, she’s British, I just think she’s fabulous to follow on the Internet! And I think she would make a fabulous friend. Anyway anyway, get to the point, her post from yesterday (Jan10) was all about a watch along for the oscars! She has a printable checklist and where to find most of the nominees, I don’t watch movies much but I am really interested in this! I’ve got a lot on my plate with work, sewing (2sewalongs!), birthdays, and court dates, but a few movies can’t hurt! I’m telling you- get on over to FANBLOOMINGTASTIC and at least check out the watch along!

Side note…

20130111-030541.jpg check out all these awesome new patterns!
And look at this!

20130111-030738.jpg mint chocolate chip cookie!
And here’s my current project!

20130111-030853.jpg a mint green tiramisu dress!
My favorite smoothie lately is can’t elope, cucumber, ice and water! Mmmmm!
And here’s some pics from the mini vacay, including the clues we found at the cabin…








9 thoughts on “fanbloomingtastic!

  1. yes, we love movies!!! I’m definitely going to check out those links today! those patterns look great also, can’t wait to see the finished product. also, what were the clues for or did you discover?!?!?! love, LOVE the pictures also 🙂 looks like so much fun! that cabin looks awesome!

  2. Alas, I’m not much of a NAncy Drew. She kept saying, “it’s locked!” But there was strange little things like that lying all over the house: poems, strange books, scraps of paper with handwritten phone number, photo of creepy kids, trinkets, etc. Wow!

  3. the mint chocolate chip cookie came out of no where hahaa i was laughing so hard!! interesting clues! did you call any of the numbers? Bess Marvin answers the phone hahaha

    back in the deep south, gonna check the mail! miss you guys!
    ps congrats to josh!

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