Wheel of Time

“The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend.” Jordan/Sanderson

Today I finally accomplished what I set out to do about 3 years ago…finished book 13 of the Wheel of Time series! I know 13 books doesn’t sound like a lot for 3 years….but look at this honking thing!


Now that’s a big book!!!

Plus, over the 3 years I was Working through grad school (only reading text books really), traveling, planning a wedding, interviewing for jobs, etc. So 13 books up til now was a feasible goal, I think…and I read other books between too to keep from WOT burn out. And I also wanted to have it done before the final book, 14, was released…..which happened today!!! SUCCESS!!

Book face! I’m telling you, it’s huge! But sooo worth it!

Anyway, enough about the book’s size. How about how awesome it was?!? Just a warning-I’m gonna spoil just about all of it…so if you might read it, or are reading it, or would want to someday just stop here…you don’t want to know what I have to say below! Not yet!!
Ok, if you’re still reading, I’m gonna start to spill!
Last chance!!
Ok! This book was SO great! Pry one of the better ones I’ve read lately! I’m not quite sure why, but I think it might be all the character developments and stuff.
1) I love Perrin and this book was pretty Perrin heavy…which was incredible!! I love how honorable he is! And running with wolves, with awesome eyesight and smell…too cool!!! I was very intrigued by the wolf dreams…who is Slayer?!? Have we met him yet?! And way to go Perrin, for outsmarting the forsaken!
2) I love that there wasn’t huge chapters dedicated to unknown characters doing things that I wasn’t concerned about. An we didn’t meet too many new people. There are so many it’s hard to keep track. I wish the names were put with character description in the glossary.
3) the whole dream sequence with Egwene and Perrin fighting both Messana and Slayer, respectively, was awesome! It kept me on the edge of my seat…I couldn’t put it down! And then Gawyn fighting the seanchen warriors while Egwene slept…oh. My. Gosh.
4) also a pretty big fan of Mat-he had some great roles in this book, especially saving Moiraine from the tower! His eye!!!! Aye aye aye!!! That part was so exciting!
5) I’m glad Rand snapped out of his funk and is normal again. Still curious how is gonna juggle 3 ladies…
5a) trollics everywhere!
6) can’t wait to see what the next book has in store!!!


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