vanished off the face of the blog.

haha so i haven’t been on here for what feels like forever! i’ve been busy trying to catch up on living and seeing all the people i’ve been missing. =] school starts in one week and i have people to see everyday. gotta before i skip town and go back to the deep south!

I am quite excited to go back though. I miss my friends there and miss having more and more to do everytime i turn around haha. i actually do miss that a little. time goes so quick when I am there i can’t even believe that i have already been there for half a year! nuts!

I am not so excited to go back to living with my roommate, living with ma pops and natski is much more fun. like wayyyy more fun. (i am listening to macklemore right now haha thanks brother =])

i should likely sit down and try to write up christmas cards, life and timing got a little derailed with being sick and it has been tricky for me to get back into the swing of life at warp speed. will likely get shocked back into it when i have class early on monday. i am going to have to schedule in a few nap times throughout the week haha and also will hopefully be going for walks and bike rides and rollar blading around the lake! gotta join the team for logging distance!

i feel really happy today, and generally just excited and zesty for living haha
=D hope you guys are all doing well! When I get back to school i will be plotting out my next venture home/maybe we can meet in vegas for spring break hahah

love beth


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