Pansit New Year Train

Well, my friends, last night we joined the pansit new year train 🙂 every year our family makes some pansit (kinda like stir fry) and fried rice to feast in the new year. We are a little late, but our stomachs didn’t mind a bit!


I’m kinda bad at tacking pictures…I need to practice.

Anyway, it was delicious!! And pretty simple to make.
1) sauté 2 lg cans of chunk chicken with oil and 1 chopped onion and a clove of minced garlic
2) remove meat from pan
3) sauté chopped carrots with oil and 2 minced cloves of garlic
4) after about 5 minutes add 2 stalks of chopped celery and a small head of cabbage chopped
5) when the veggies are desired soft, add back in the meat mixture 🙂

Meanwhile you could make this gem:


Again, yikes on the picture!! But the end result is much nicer than this looks…promise!

Just sauté a mixture of onions, garlic, crushed bacon, egg, and soy together. When onions are soft add to the rice and mix! Add more soy if you need! It. Is. Incredible!


Ohhhh yum!


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