Ch ch ch changes

Working on a resolution…

Here they are!
1. Floss. I’m going for over 50%, although I have a feeling I’ll stop counting in about March.
2. Participate in a sew-along. I already have one planned out, IF the pattern arrives on time and depending on what else crazy adventures I get myself into.
3. Read 30 books. Twenty was easy so why not go big! 🙂 ( this may not be big to some of you and PLEASE I’d like some suggestions on awesome books)
4. Dance more, nuff said.
5. Vegas! I missed it last year so hopefully…
6. Get to the post office on time! I still have Christmas prezzies waiting to be dropped in the post. I have scores of pics of all the beautiful things I made but don’t wanna give away all the surprises so they’ll still have to wait 🙂
7. Work out! I was doing great Jan-Jul of last year! So I’m shooting for 3 days a week. But I’d be happy with 2! I would also like a day of yoga per week-extra, tho I’m thinking that might be a little ambitious!
8. All of my sewing projects from the earlier post. Besides maybe the coat. I’m still undecided about it! So…at least like 8 projects…plus a baby quilt for my friends adorable baby Zander! I have a feeling Ill make a lot more projects though!
9. Cook more! This shouldn’t be too hard since currently I don’t cook a lot. Maybe 2 times a week, real dinner. Otherwise it’s toast, yogurt, and smoothies!
10. Better posture! It’s got to continue! I spent the first day of the new year with a raging migraine! I almost threw up at Red Robin actually from such a mean migraine. (I thought food would make it better…not my best idea) And I KNOW it’s from my posture. My back is so tight and sore it feels bruised. So right now I’ve got the heat pad on and J’s brother gave us gift certificate for massage so I should be cured shortly.

Today I finally finished (and started) J’s Christmas present-Ill get a pic up when my camera battery is charged! It’s just a seat cushion so he doesn’t get a pressure ulcer! It’s got a zipper fir easy washing and some ties to hold it to the chair! Self drafted from a cheap IKEA curtain! He loves it!

Sneak peek if J’s to-do list! HAhaha!

20130103-004451.jpg annnnd mine! Not as much fun… Gotta go! Xoxoxo
O! And I just realized, this should not be called changes, because none of this is really changes at all. Just me, but a little bit better! Love it!


5 thoughts on “Ch ch ch changes

  1. Love your resolutions!! I am meaning to come up with some of my own but struggle to do so…but maybe I’ll try 🙂 I have some ideas for some of your resolutions…and a lot of what I would pick are very similar to what you picked to do. Like, #4, please see my next post coming soon 😉 and #3, is also on my list! that was my resolution for last year, read more and I logged about 20 books also, so I’m in for that! I’ll send ideas your way when I complete some too-what kind do you like? Please let me know when you do #5 so we can join you, muahahahaha! or not, if you don’t want us to and you have other plans! Something I should do is clean more, or stay cleaner…no more laundry mountain and dirty dishes mountain…hopefully. Also, for your number 10…I am going to be your personal posture coach, if you don’t mind. I wish you lived closer…I could give you a wicked suboccipital release. I bet that would help big time. So let me know and I can send exercises and stuff your way, or could do posts on it too.

    • Oooh I will have to schedule an appointment for that suboccipital release! Will let u know about Vegas for sure! J has an interview Wednesday, so that could be good! We might have more of our schedule mapped out depending on the outcome!

  2. great ideas!!! My resolutions this year are to gargle saltwater everyday to save my tonsils. and to actually eat my vitamins that i buy haha. we will see how that goes. i’m gonna start the gargling yesterday and the vitamins when i get back to school at the end of this week =]

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