charlotte skirt SEWALONG

Well-Here goes NYResolution #1. Participate in a Sew-Along. (i hope! More on the rest of these later)
I’m not quite sure yet if I’m a pencil skirt girl, but we’ll soon find out!
By Hand London has had one of my favorite blogs to follow so far this winter! They post cocktail recipes, they post tons of DIY and how-to for cool things (such as gifts and tutus) AND they get back to you right away with interesting and useful tips!
I hope this works! Go on over to and check out the variations and tell me what you think would be best on me! plaid? brocade? stripe? damask? velveteen? peplum? (um…probably not) hem ruffle? (oooooh yea, think little mermaid-HOTT!) short? shorter?
Can’t wait!
Now I’ve got to clean up a bit after mini-vacay and do some cooking before work tomorrow-happy 2013 everybody! I’ll be back with the resolutions soon!


4 thoughts on “charlotte skirt SEWALONG

  1. fun! I think just above knees in length, i couldn’t find what brocade really looks like but the google patterns of it looked sweet!
    demask looked like wallpaper sorta haha. be sure to put up pictures as you work through it!!

  2. I liked brocade when I saw it online too 🙂 it seemed elegant to me! This sounds exciting!! Keep us posted for sure! Can’t wait to see how it turns out! I think I would like a pencil skirt-just the ones I try on never fit right! So if you’re making it to fit, I bet it will be stunning!

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