dr. mario

so i’ve been home now for 23 days, and it feels like i have been home for about that long. there has been a great deal of games and lots of fun, a ton ton ton of lazy sick days, and lots of good food!

I am still working on gaining back the sickness weight loss, the fudge has been helping with that haha. My skills at dr. mario are getting better i think from so much playing. I am not a very competitive person, it is fun just to match off and work it like a puzzle =]

i am really excited because lauren is coming over to see me, and i haven’t seen her in almost a week since being sick and her finishing up with finals, so this reunion will be a good one!

the christmas rap was wildly successfull, good idea natski! kristin we have to skype soon so you and josh can hear the family rap, it wasn’t too difficult to make up and pretty funny to see everyone jammed onto the stairs again. hahah

my tonsils are back to their normal level of swollen, and all the pain is gone. there is just a funny bump on my left one that refuses to go away, so we shall see about that.

enjoy your vacation k! you deserve a break after all the long holiday work! miss you lots, perhaps we shall catch up on the telephone soon!

i need to do laundry, i keep stealing all nats clothes…oops haha sorry baby love! they will get cleaned with all my stuff soon no worries ha.

blasting the lord of the rings soundtrack right now, feels good =]

a xoxo


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