Lamento Boliviano

Hey Guys!  

So I’m home right now jamming out to this song!  So this song cracks me up cause the main part of it is “Y hoy estoy aqui…boraccho y loco”  (Today here I am drunk and crazy for all non-spanish speakers).  It just makes me laugh =) not to mention the great guitar solo haha!  Listen for yourself!

I miss everyone but I’m SO HAPPY to finally be on break!  This last semester was pretty busy.  I bet next semester will be about the same though.  

I’m super excited especially cause recently I got a call that said I would have a job as a student health aide for next year, senior year.  That means FREE ROOM AND BOARD!!!! AHHH so exciting!  Thanks everyone for the prayers and help with my killer resume haha.  A A




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