End of the world…

Hey guys!

I know what you are thinking… It must be the end of the world because I finally joined in the blog. 🙂 Ha! Right now, Elizabeth is sleeping, so I finally have a minute.Well, this picture is of her awake, but that was from 20 minutes ago.


So E is 12 weeks old already. Can you believe it?! I just love hanging out with her at home. Some days she is great, and other days… well, she is a baby.

PS- i was going to post a picture on here a long time ago… it was of my terrible pigs in a blanket. I couldn’t even find a picture online that were as bad as mine looked, so you will just have to imagine it.

Miss you all and love! A!


4 thoughts on “End of the world…

  1. SHE IS SO CUTE!!!! AHHH!! I always wish I could spend more time with her and you guys down there!! Who knows maybe when/if I get a car I’ll come more often! A+

  2. Oh hey skin! good to see ya on here! Notice who else hasn’t put up any food pictures…this kid! I am horrible at burning things =/ more practice i guess. Though last time I said i wanted to learn to cook better I had to proofread a 300 page cookbook…so maybe not haha

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