no space for swallowing. semi-miserable aside from waiting on snow!

this is the business! Snow is what i have been wanting since coming back, and finally it is set to arrive! coming in with a bang!!




This on the other hand is not so exciting. in fact, I am still sick, surprise surprise. found 3 more lymph nodes yesterday (now a total of 7 that i can feel as tender) swelling up. I am determined to drink and eat more today than yesterday, but with the smallest gap between tonsils today, i don’t know if it will happen. They hurt so much every time i swallow, pry a 7 or 8 on the self ranked pain scale. Not the worst pain i have ever felt while swallowing, that cake goes to Monday of this week I believe.


pretty gross stuff… lots white and swelling and some blood. Kinda hard to see from this picture, but believe me when i say they hurt a lot. Plus headaches, neck pain, loss of appetite, and waking up covered in sweat, I feel like a lunatic who is slowing wasting away. =[ hopefully the snow will help make today better. gonna try to finish this cup of lukewarm tea.



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