In the name of justice

I got a ticket! Bad one. R/w stop sign. It means right of way at stop sign. I’m upset the police didn’t say anything. Or ask more questions. Or look at our pictures. Just sent the ticket to my house. Annoying. So I guess I’m going to court. In the name of justice. I don’t think there’s anything else that I could have done in that situation. I’m really mad about it. I love to try and help my friends by giving them advice, etc. but listening to all that same advice doesn’t help me feel better right now. So sorry if I’ve ever tried to give you advice. its useless in the moment. for me it really takes some reflection and calming to feel better. a good cry usually helps too. I’m still mad. I know it’s no big deal. I know I shouldn’t let it ruin my day but I’m still angry. I’ll feel better tomorrow. Also, a few years ago, my work dropped my certification pay off for no reason. It was their error to drop it, and my error not to notice. They won’t give me back pay, and they won’t give me a reason why not. I’m not upset about the money but I’m upset about the injustice. If they had been overpaying me for several years you know they would make me pay them back once they found out. So. That makes me annoyed. I called our union representative and they are working on a big project this week but next week maybe will get into the fray. I told them “if” they could get the money, I’d give half to them and the other half to charity. It will be about $5000 before taxes. Sometimes I think I should have gone into law because its something I feel passionate about. But I also think I’m too emotional for it. I couldn’t fight for the bad guy ( not that there always has to be one) but I wouldn’t make a case for anyone, just someone who I thought was right. I would also be upset when I’m not agreed with and probably think the opposing sides were stupid. So it’s probably best that it isn’t my line of work. I enjoy helping people feel better. I hope I improve the quality of life for all of my patients. And there are still frustrating moments. But at the end if the day, I don’t have to worry about who was wrong or right but myself. And I feel good about the decisions I make. Sorry this is actually a pretty boring rant. Moderator please delete it from the page. But I feel much better! Maybe I will cut some fabric tonight after all. I was worried i would go on a scissor rampage. i would like to go to the gym and run it out but i don’t have a car to get there. PS. Which charity should I donate the money to when I get it? I was thinking Seattle Union Gospel Mission or hopelink


4 thoughts on “In the name of justice

  1. I was looking at the charities and I think that they both look pretty good! I think they are both great options considering the sadly massive homeless population in Seattle. I think I would lean a little bit more toward hopelink though because it seems like they really go the extra mile to try and make their help sustainable. HOwever, I think if you donate to Seattle Union Gospel Mission, your gift will be matched which would really stretch your dollar =D good luck with your decision and also I;m so sorry to hear about the crash =(

    • Ya , it’s a hard choice, huh? And there’s so many other charities too. But I’ve really been feeling like helping the homeless since volunteering with GOtR because on of the girls on our team was homeless. Her and her little suster( and the mom) would jump from shelter to shelter and sometimes the little girl would have to take a taxi cab from practice out to the shelter all by herself! Seems difficult…

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      • 😦 we are so lucky to have what we do. Maybe we should donate our money to her family…for food or rent or new clothes or something?

      • I know, right? So lucky. I have no way to get in contact with her actually, but I know they have resources through the school and also through the missions. That’s why I was thinking of one of those. We’ll see if they are even able to recover my money from my work. They are pretty sly :/

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