the plague!

So my tonsils have been bothering me for awhile now, and ma finally talked me into going to the doctors office. I really didn’t want to see our normal doctor because he is basically super condescending and rude and never listens to the complaints and never explains anything. so i didn’t want to go for those reasons.

but my tonsils were hurting a lot. like more than they ever had. it feels like i am breathing through a straw, and every time i swallow it is a sharp pain that makes me cringe. hard to swallow anything that is larger than my pinky fingernail… =[


Sooo, pretty swollen. You can maybe tell that my face is puffier than normal. then again maybe it just looks familiar because it is very round like always since everyone can recall….

bffs with a figment

Anyways, the doctor’s office did a strep test. got nothing on the rapid swab. and did a mono test, cause there was some exposure to that…haha. turns out i got mono. no more kissing for me, and likely tons of naps.Photo_00018 I dont know if you can tell, but the tonsils in the back there are super huge and nasty. gonna be doing salt water gargles and trying to drink fluids, even though swallowing anything even water hurts like the dickens.

In other news, being home has been great! We got a Christmas tree yesterday and put on lights and a few ornaments! Gotta write up cards soon for people!


This is the view from my contamination couch. haha

xoxo B


4 thoughts on “the plague!

  1. Sorry about the mono…ooopsies! I tried to be careful about it too! But mine didn’t hurt…so maybe someone else had/has it too?!?! Well enjoy it once it feels better…great excuse to lie around and sleep in all the time!

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