An epic breakfast and sewing with dogs

I woke up early dealing with insurance and tow company. So, why not make breakfast?

20121217-134305.jpg creme brûlée grapefruit and

20121217-134341.jpg steely cut oatmeal! Mmmm! It has a little protein powder and cinnamon and craisins and flax seed, so it’s also kind of healthy! But delicious. I could eat oatmeal everyday! Like this or with apples or with peanut butter or chocolate or bananas or yogurt! And I NEED AGRAPEFRUITSPOON! I cannot emphasize this enough! I was slurping up juice from all over! I’m glad J was still asleep cause I’m sure it wasn’t a sexy sight! Just sprinkle some sugar on top and pop it under the broiler! I absolutely adore grapefruit!

20121217-134843.jpg here’s Ko in the middle of my latest project! I figured out what’s wrong with my pictures, I use all nighttime lighting! So, I took some this morning and they are exponentially better. Trouble is, usually I am doing cooking, cleaning, sleeping, errands, working out, lunch dates, etc. during the day, and projects at night! So… We need to invest in some lighting! Doubt that will happen anytime soon but if I see something at a garage sale or goodwill, hmmmm… Home remodel! Hahahaha! Okokokok sorry for the lame title to this post! I just read about some cornbread and bacon battered Doritos and I think that sounds like a much more epic breakfast! BUTT (haha) this was pretty epic for me considering I’m never up so early unless I’ve stayed up all night 🙂 xoxo


6 thoughts on “An epic breakfast and sewing with dogs

    • Ko lurking over my food! Ok get some steel cut oats, here we go! Use a big pot and medium heat! Whatever you do with oats, do water and/or milk x4! I did 1 cup oats
      4 cup water
      (At this point I put over the medium heat)
      Now add 1 TBSP (a big one-honking big) cinnamon
      About 1 tsp salt
      Ground flaxseed ( I quit measuring now, out of spoons and cups) maybe about 1/4 cup or so
      2 scoops of designer whey vanilla protein or probably any protein
      Sometimes I mash up a banana and I would add that now too (adds extra sweetness)
      Stir it all up and pop on a lid.
      When it starts to boil, toss in a cup of dried fruit (raisins, craisins, gojis, mango) if you want. You don’t have to!
      Then stir it again and flip off the heat. Put the lid on and let it sit there about 45 minutes.
      Don’t touch it!
      When times up just stir!
      You can swirl in peanut butter and chocolate, or make a baked diced cinnamon apple and stir that in, you can put cool whip on top or add some yogurt or maple syrup. I bet you could add syrup and sausage…ooooooh!
      I guess you could also add sugar or brown sugar, but I like it without any sweetener. Let me know what you add!!!

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