🙂 so at long last the hideous sweats!!

20121216-205706.jpg tried to resurrect them with a jersey waistband but look at it! It’s just hanging there super loose!

20121216-205817.jpg could be worse I guess! At least now I’m not squeezed like a sausage! I shoulda taken those pics! At that point I was just giggling so hard! Ummmm. So I can’t get these sweatpants offz. Not because they are too tight but they are absolutely the warmest softest things ever! Josh and I got in a car wreck today! Not a big one thankfully! Everyone is fine! Our car only spun around once 😉 I cried for like two seconds but only because there were these 2 little girls watching from their window and they waved and I know they were trying to make us feel better but it was so sweet in a bring tears to your eyes way! So! I’m grateful to be out of the cold and home to sew! And I’m just grateful for so many good things I have and know. And I am grateful for so many bad things that I do not have. AND! I won a drawing on a sewing blog today! It is try this i love reading it because:
a. she makes some awesome stuff
B. she also goes on garage sale adventures and has awesome luck ( or a good eye!)
c. shes living in chicago ( makes me homesick-just a tiny tiny barely even but a little)
d. she is funny so anyway you should check it out if you are even remotely interested in sewing or garage sale adventures!
Sew…I have 4 “new” vintage sewing patterns coming to me! Funny story, after the crash we went to the g-store and I joke, “I should get a lotto ticket since its my lucky day!” Then I got home and checked the blog and I won! So perhaps it is my lucky day! I DID get a lotto ticket just in case. and I think lexie will be fine, we’ll see! I’m dealing with that tomorrow!
Lucky I have a personal chauffeur 🙂

20121216-210739.jpg he doesn’t know it yet! We redeemed a cool groupon today! From emerald city orchid! They had so many cool plants I wanted to buy them all, but I’m going to practice with the free groupon orchid first! It also came with a bottle of wine! The guy was great and was supposed to open the wine but he let us keep it closed! Thank goodness I didn’t have any wine before the accident! See! So grateful for sooo many things!

20121216-211037.jpg wut! See how good these sweats make my booty look!

20121216-211127.jpg full on rump view! Ha!

20121216-211155.jpg our Christmas tree is up too! Now for some presents!

20121216-211259.jpg pretty huh?! And … Sneak peek! Here’s what I’m off to make mom! Kind of!

20121216-211435.jpg I just need a basic pattern for pants because you saw how my self drafted pants turned out! It’s only 2120 (9:20pm) but it feels like one AM. I don’t know if I’m going to work on these pants or go to sleep! But I hope to have more excitement for you soon! Xoxox



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