Miss you guys!

I’ve been too lazy to take pics, so I’ve stayed off the blog. But tomorrow is photo shoot day! So I will take pics of everything I’ve made before giving it away! I think I’m too slow to ship so maybe you can all get your “gifts” (practice sewing projects) over Skype, tango, or FaceTime! I hope you like them! I’m really excited and had a lot of fun doing it! I need to make something for m and d yet! Any ideas what to make for dad? Boy sewing is kind of lame, and really hard to figure out fit so I skipped anything wearable, kinda nice we aren’t doing presents this year then I won’t feel bad that Adam and Kevin’s suck! Haha! Reminds me I need to call and have mom measure for her pajama pants.

20121216-022236.jpg I was trying to take a pic of one of the gifts and someone got in my way! When you guys are on here I feel like we’re talking even if we aren’t! So maybe I’ll call everyone up tomo! I miss you guys! Sad I can’t get home! Sometimes I hate the schedule. But oftentimes it works out really nice for me… A a a ! Something better tomorrow I promise! I’ll make projects for myself, then I can post them! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Miss you guys!

  1. I Miss you too! Sorry I didn’t get your call the other day, it’s been busy here. I will call tomorrow for sure! I had a very interesting dream about you 🙂 I’ve been bad at blogging this week too…just not feeling it I guess. Love you and can’t wait to chat!

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