Sewing 2013 wish list!

Hehehe! I don’t know why I’m awake at 0700, but I have a theory! I can’t stop dreaming about all these things I want to make! I’m having fun making gifts and I’m almost done, just little odds and ends like embellishments, cutting threads, pressing, etc. oh! And hand sewing on buttons! Ahhhhh! So a lot if boring work coming up, but… Woooo! Lots of fun stuff too!
Here’s whats in my big plans this year!
Sewaholic Minoru Jacket

20121206-073120.jpg this one came from! I just love the clean lines and pop-out collar! Dad gave me an idea to make this in the Lyon family tartan…
Colette Chantilly

20121206-073320.jpg I got this one off the Colette Flickr! Tabatha , not the one I know, made it! I love how it could be both summer and winter! And I think I’m seriously loving that grey color right now!
Sewn SquareOne Go Anywhere Dress

20121206-073505.jpg I love the variety on this one too! Of course all will have pocketsies! (Got this off Flickr too-from Jirian!) I think mine will be navy and black!
Sewaholic Renfrew

20121206-073753.jpg made this one and I love it! I was originally thinking a mustard color, but might have to copy with the patterned sweatshirt material! How cute! The great thing about this pattern is it has 3 sleeve lengths and 3 necklines! So once I get it, I’ll be making a LOT!
Papercut Patterns Ooh La Legging and Undercover Hood

These are totally basics for me! I love wearing leggings with boots. I could shorten them for workout clothes! Of course I need cozy sweatshirts! So lots of different colors for both of these!
Sewaholic Thurlow

I already rocked these once as shorts, but I want the perfect jean! So I think this is it! Awesome back view! πŸ™‚ (these ones were pinned on Pinterest by acbrown)
Jessica Howard Fuchia Dress

20121206-075006.jpg this is not a pattern, but an actual dress, but it looks relatively simple! Love the color scheme! Maybe when I get more practice I’ll be ready to attempt drafting my own pattern again πŸ™‚
Twinkle Sews Poetry in Motion

20121206-075602.jpg obviously I’m not pregnant, but I love this one! Simple but designed! (From Miriam.madmim on Flickr)
Vogue 8379

20121206-080013.jpg sew made this one AND a cute little neck tie to go with it! Wrap dress = so easy and versatile! Fun! Maybe a really bright crazy color for me!
Sewaholic Cordova Jacket

20121206-080320.jpg go to ! Obviously these are some of my favorite patterns! And Tasia’s from Vancouver! OK well, no hood, no pockets, so I’m not 100% convinced by this one, BUT I’ve never seen a peplum that I love as much as this one! So might be worth a try! And would look great with a scarf!
Twinkle Sews White Magic

20121206-080919.jpg makes a lot of cute things that I like but I really love this! Could be shirt or dress! Fun! And I love this color! I think cream could be good too!
McCalls 6563

20121206-081351.jpg Comfortable but looks nice and put together! My favorite things! Love the stripes! Great fabric choice !
Hmmmm… Quite a list! Will keep me busy for a while! This is so much fun! And that’s just for me! I have things for family, friends, Josh, dogs, wedding dress all planned out! Not enough time! So do you like any of these? Any color or fabric suggestions? Maybe I’ll make one for you!


6 thoughts on “Sewing 2013 wish list!

      • I do have enough, but i am also waiting until nat gets home because she had made a few more before compiling. so that is the 14th ish if you still wanna mail em =]

        otherwise. no worries too much!

      • O yea, I work til 13th in the morning, so probably I won’t have time to mail! I’ll just rip them up, except the big one, I’ll use that for a washcloth! Then I can make something for you!!! For all yet hard work!

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