O sheesh, me and the sewing machine had a disastrous day yesterday! First, the sweatpants! Nat, you can go back anytime and read my post in full because the sweatpants are not gonna happen… This time! Some pictures will be posted because they are just too funny to ignore. But currently I’m too embarrassed to go squeeze my booty into those things one more time. For now they have retired to my closet as a base layer for snowshoeing.
Then… O Noes! I broke Ms. Serge! Minor injury, but shhhoooooooot!

20121205-105326.jpg cracked the needle right off her! I don’t even remember what I was trying at the time. Anyway this is my first broke needle and so I have been petrified all this time it’s going to fly in Koda’s big brown eyes or something!

20121205-105534.jpg he’s usually right there helping! Or go flying and get into a paw. But look!

20121205-105712.jpg it’s just sewn right into the fabric! Hahaha! I’m still not sure what would happen on the sewing machine though! For this reason, safety goggles on at all times!
Annnd also, Beth, this story is for you! I was sewing some boxer shorts and it wasn’t lined up right and I jammed my finger under the machine so hard! Ouch! Not the needle, just a slamming downward force! Well I ripped the fabric and I was crying, crying so hard Josh had to stop his video game and come check on me. I haven’t fixed it yet ( the ripped fabric) I’m going to do something easy quick so I feel better 🙂 and side note: my finger is completely normal! I’ll add pics of the evil sweatpants soon!


One thought on “Yowza!

  1. ouch oh my gosh!!! i’m so glad you are okay!
    once in high school i broke a jeweler’s saw (super thin metal string with saw teeth on it) and part of it went into my finger by my nail and almost came out the other side… it was pretty gross.

    evil fabric. i think i barely pinched my finger on moms machine once and it hurt like the dickens, pry why sewing machines make me nervous, you are brave to go back to it, but way mad skills at sewing so you should!!


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