t-minus 3 days to home.

guys I am travelling north on wednesday of this week! I am so excited to go home and to see everyone! I have an exam on tuesday realllly early, so we will see how that goes. should be alright i think. I just got done data checking for 2.5 hours and all i can see when i blink my eyes is an excel matrix full of numbers that are moving like the matrix. it is pretty freaky, and thankfully tomorrow is the last day of data checking for this i think. i hope. 


this is me on my bed with christmas lights strung up for the holidays! (actually they have been up all along, but I have been turning them on more often hah)

my friend Bryan is about to come over and make some food for dinner, so that should be good. and also! I tried Sushi again last night and I liked it! it had crab meat and crunchy tempura in the middle of the seaweed and super sticky rice around that and then avacado and salmon on top with sesame seeds it was sooooo tasty! i didn’t know if i would like it or not, but I do definitely!

i have become a much more adventurous eater, I’ll try anything I think hah!

Also- I really want snow, it is at least 80 degrees here, and i am wearing shorts and a t-shirt, went on a bike ride this afternoon enroute to data check and it was so warm in the sunshine. i might go swimming tomorrow if it stays like that. nothing like studying for stats in a pool haha!


I gotta figure out what I am going to do for christmas, are we doing this drawing? otherwise everyone is gonna get something realllly really small from me, which i might do anyways. the only one getting a handcrafted present is baby elizabeth, cause her business is already in the works!!! 

so hungry! miss you guys! xoxoxo

10% finished with grad school in 3 days!




One thought on “t-minus 3 days to home.

  1. oh my gosh!! I could probably take a twin picture cause I have m lights up like that and they have been up all year too!!!! AHH. By the way, I’m in for the drawing =)

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