weekend with Ms. Serge

so. I need to tell you about my weekend now that I finally have some time off. I had the perfect project to make in order to test out the new serger. BABY WIPES! whoa! living large! nice soft booty wipes! I am tempted to use some of these myself, but Josh is totally grossed out by that hahaha! Imageyou can’t really tell, but I was testing out a lot of different settings!Imagei broke a lot of threads, and i re-threaded the entire serger myself!Imagei learned what to do and some things NOT to do! but you can’t really mess these up, cause its just a square (or trying to have rounded corners)

Imageits actually SUP€ER easy, and it makes a great edge! so I am totally pleased with my purchase. I read a lot of reviews online and Brother 1034 is what I ended up with! I would also recommend it to anyone looking to branch out with their sewing!

Imagefunny story about this shirt… So, serging is really fast, makes a hem and an edge all at once. Knit fabrics have a naturally rolled edge, so they don’t really need to be finished anyway because they won’t unravel, but sometimes it just looks better. Long story long, the serger is super fast and I’ve already made this pattern before, so let’s see, how long does it take me to make a shirt?

It s the pattern Burda Style Magazine boatneck Tee, striped (next time I’ll have to venture out and find stripes and try to match them. Anyway, I timed myself. The first 7 minutes were trying to get the dogs off the fabric and the patternImageKoda, seriously?Imagei took out the vacuum and made sort of a barricade with it because they are kind of scared of it, BUT…Imagethey snuck right through anyway. So much for that. So I fed them, and now we’re going again. It took 24 minutes to iron out the fabric, pin the pattern to the fabric, and cut the fabric. Listening to 90’s pandora station the entire time. “I’ve got the power.”

it took only 10 minutes to sew! (serge) well there are only 3 pieces (4 if you count each sleeve separately) so the hardest part was making sure that I got the sleeves on the right way (last time I had to take the sleeve off twice!) But, first times a charm! super quick! OOOOoooooh I’m sew excited! hahaha! anytime I want a new shirt, just under an hour, I can make it! yeay!

well. I was so pleased with myself I thought I’d go ahead and do another quick project. I wanted to make . SPOILER ALERT. Nat, if you don’t want to know one of your experimental gifts, please stop reading now. don’t ever come back to this page. The rest of this post is about the thing I thought it would be so sweet to make you. ok. I will give you to the count of twenty!





















BTW. no pictures, so don’t get too excited. I thought I would do a pair of sweatpants since I got some super cheap skull material. I also thought I could do it without a pattern. Serging uses little to no seam allowance (the extra material around the pattern piece that you sew together) so I thought, I’ll just trace a pair of well fitting sweats and then cut it out and serge it together. I used a pair of capri sweats actually and then extended the leg down. I wanted them to be a little slouchy at the bottom. This is all going pretty fast, I just traced out one side of the back, then one side of the front. I cut it out and cut 2 of each piece and serged them all together. and then. Hmmmm. these are looking really really small! I forgot that the waist is elastic, so I should have made it a lot looser at the waist and then just did gathers with the elastic. Of course I weaseled into them and all things considered, they look pretty good, they are just BUTT TIGHT SWEATPANTS. almost difficult to get on. Would not be a good choice if you needed to go pee really really quickly! hmmmm…how can I remedy this? can I even rip out a serged seam? well, this was a good practice. yes, you can rip out a serged seam, one little thread at a time! took forever! I thought about putting in a zipper, but that pretty much ruins the point of sweatpants right? its all about comfort. So, I think I have another solution, you’ll just have to wait and see for that! alright this is long and rambling. I’m ready for a nap!


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