Shorts part II

I made my last post so depressing, but I actually really love the shorts! Maybe I’ll even wear them tomorrow! I would estimate they took me about 72 hours to make: cutting out pattern, fabric, sewing, machine jam x5, pocket making, zipper insertion, loops, etc. The zipper alone took about 5 hours! I followed the instructions to a T and then looked at it and it looked awful. Little did I know, it just needed to be pressed. So I ripped it apart (3x) and put it back together, I just didn’t understand what it was supposed to look likeso anyway… I was really frustrated when I typed that note- BUT I do love the shorts! I can’t believe I made them myself! There are a few adjustments I will do in the future, because after all, these are just a practice for pants! I just didn’t want to waste all that fabric if it was a bust! So some of the other sewing blogs do this, I think I’m going to copy!
What I did!
fabric: aubergine wool 2 yards but there’s quite a bit leftover ($8.00), cowboys and Indians printed cotton 1/2 yd. ($3.00)
Pattern: Sewaholic Thurlow Trousers ($16)
Year:2012 I’m pretty sure
Notions:4 inch zipper, flexi lace hem tape ($2)
Hours:seriously probably 60-100
First Worn:November 27, 2012, just for picture taking and fitting
Wear Again?oooooh yes I think so! Tomorrow if its not too cold! Of course I’ll put some tights underneath!
Make Again?Yes! I can’t wait to make pants! These look so cute if I can get the pockets going the right way 🙂 Suuuuuper Cute! I would enjoy pants in every color! Side note: I love ALL sewaholic patterns! Really cute stuff! So watch for more soon!!
Total Cost:approx. $29! Not too bad! I can’t believe I did it! What is next for me!?









2 thoughts on “Shorts part II

  1. Awesome job!!! they look so good! It is currently in the high 70s outside here, so no tights for me. I guess January is supposed to be the ‘cold’ month in the deep south haha, it might drop to 50s hahaha

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