the shorts :(

OK! good morning! It’s 4 am here. but I got done with the shorts at like 2. GRRRRRR! how frustrating I can’t even explain… I used the seam ripper more than I used the sewing machine. (Ms. Serge was awesome tho) I think I am losing weight rapidly because every time I put the dern shorts on they got bigger! And I was tightening them up! Arg…
O well, I think they are pretty cute. I had to hand sew on a hook and eye. EW I do not enjoy handsewing what so ever. yuck. actually the eye is in the wrong spot but I can’t be bothered right now to fix it. The thought of threading the needle again scares me. What I really hate is tying the thread off. Any good ideas for this? that don’t look like a huge bird nest…Cause that’s what I have currently.
OK OK OK, sorry for the wait, here’s the snaps!
O! just kidding! my computer died right as I was going to load up the pics and then it was too cold to crawl out of bed to plug it back in. Sorry for the wait! here they are!

not a bad side view!

not a bad first try… Ok OK that waistband is pretty hideous up close 🙂

OK Grandpa legs!

need to be hemmed up for sure!

pretty darn proud of myself! haha

O! and I think I forgot to show you guys this awesome scarf my friend Katie gave to me! super warm and I’m just like Mom-I LOVE PURPLE!


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