shopping spree!

I’m pretty sure we’re having a cheap Christmas this year, since Josh still can’t find a job and all of that. I’m sure he’ll find something soon. It’s not like we don’t both have money saved up, but it’s still kind of sad to see the pile get smaller when you aren’t spending it on something fun. So cross your fingers for him!


That means I have to buy my own Christmas presents! Bahahahahah! (or I’m just using that as an excuse to spend $$) In no particular order, here they are!

ImageIt’s HERE! Miss Serger Machine is set up in my living room. I played around a little on scraps, but I’m scared! Going to take a class soon. But I have a feeling, the more I play with it, it will seem like cake!

Image30% off everything at the fabric store! got some sweet knits and cotton pieces! Expect some clothes in your future if you are my friend!

Imagerandom fun stuff…ohhhh who would have thought even a year ago that I would consider this a fun shopping spree! I love sewing!

Imagesuuuuper cuddly yarn! I have designs on a sweater. But that might be a little out of my realm right now (you should see all the yarn hiding in the background) anyway! maybe we’ll all get a scarf…

who knows!? the possibilities are endless! I can make anything I could possibly desire!
 OoooHhh on that note… Check out these pocketsies!

Imagepreeeeety nice. but this one… ImageWHOA! can you believe I made THAT! and it works, I can put a phone inside that pocket! Woot woot!

Hopefully tonight I’ll have a pair of grampa shorts to show you! (Hopefully they don’t get eaten by Miss Serge…)


6 thoughts on “shopping spree!

  1. good luck! i always feel like i am going to sew my fingers together on any sewing machine, it was fun making those baby pants for elizabeth though =]

    mending and sewing by hand seem more my pace and style ha

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