New Car!!

Hi guys!! Hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend 🙂 I know I did!

We were so busy seeing both our families and eating lots of good food! Not a bad way to spend a couple of days if I do say so myself! We didn’t quite get to see everyone…but hope to catch the rest of the gang for Christmas or around Christmas….or sooner than later hopefully 🙂

Welp, as you’ve now guessed, over the weekend we got a NEW CAR! Goodbye crazy convertible, hello shiny, clean, new sedan! My first new car EVER, so I’m pretty excited about it.

To start with…cleaning out the convertible for a trade in was a piece of work! I hate to say this but I was definitely a disaster in that car. Especially in the back. I had boxes, newspapers, bottles, ice skates, maps….pretty much anything. It was a nightmare to pull it all out. Also, to make things more difficult, the trunk wont stay open so I needed Adam to hold it for me while I pulled out all the trash and sorted through it. Poor guy!

Well, I am SO glad he was there!

When I finally got to the bottom of the trunk I noticed that the spare cover was sunk in. Hmmm, I think to myself, that’s odd. Did I ever use the spare tire? That might be something that I need to know for a trade in, maybe? I’ll check….

Lo and behold, as I lifted the panel I noticed a big wad of ripped up Kleenexes…”Hmmmm that looks like it belongs to a…MOUSE!!!!!!!” And there it was!!! Running laps around my spare tire!! Holy smokes I freaked out! I pretty much was screaming and squirming and getting all sweaty and nervous….

Thankfully, Adam was wonderful and closed it all up for me. And we instantly drove to the dealership to trade it in…1 rickety convertible, along with live in trunk pet mouse for this beauty…


And boy is it nice! I haven’t had it for a week yet but it is love already 😉 Here are some things that I enjoy:

1) The door doesn’t leak on me when it rains…meaning I don’t have to have a towel laying around to put on my lap in inclement weather.

2) There is not a mouse in my trunk

3) It get’s awesome gas millage 30/city driving and 39/highway. Right now I’m averaging 35mpg!!

4) It has Bluetooth calling which is super convenient

5) There is not a tire leak so I don’t have to carry around an air compressor, nor do I have to check and fill them at least once a week

6) Adam can sit in the backseat comfortably! There is so much space! This isn’t him sitting behind me either, because I’m so short it wouldn’t matter. But with the passenger seat all the way back, he can sit behind it and still have room for his legs!

7) It connects nice with my Iphone for music and charging and navigation

8) My gas gauge is accurate and I don’t have to guess when it might be getting close to empty…the convertible tricked me on that once or twice 😉

9) It’s new, smells great, and is reliable

10) It should last me for a long, looooooong time!!

If anyone is in the market for a new car…this one is sure to please!! Any questions let me know, but so far, I absolutely love it!


11 thoughts on “New Car!!

  1. How is the turning radius? Have you whipped any u-ies yet? By any chance when your lights are on and you use your turn signal does it light up pointing to the side? My LSS Oldsmobile had that feature and I still miss it every night I drive…

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