today is so nice already! I slept in, got some high scores on pinball, and feel like i ate like a king yesterday, but have digested enough to feel great! I have some work to do today but i also feel motivated enough to do it, which is suppose happens after a little vacation called this week all i do is  sleep eat and data check.

It was so much data checking I actually felt like i was in the matrix, seeing little numbers everywhere and all things are grid-like and angles become so sharp and pronounced…anyways. that odd number mess sorta like mario eyes has vanished and i feel well rested and happy =]

in other news it is a very short span of time before i will be headed back home for almost a month in the north (i want it to be snowing!!) and i am very much looking forward to sorting out who i will get to see when! I’ll be back dec 5- jan 10ish so hit me up! we will make some plans!!! k if you aren’t planning on coming home i want a hot skype date with you! hahah

time for a heath candybar =] i feel so smiley today! xoxox cheers to a good life!

love beth


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