the song that i cant get out of my head.

this is the one, and if you cant open it look on youtube for james taylor the water is wide.

i think it has been stuck in my head because so has natski. feel like i miss you today lady! all things have been making me think of you! someone yelled bluejays!>! on campus today and at first i was scared cause i thought a swarm of birds was coming for me, then i thought of you at school haha.

then also i sliced up a tomato, and all i wanted to eat with the tomato was shredded cheese and salad dressing, like the salads you used to make all the time haha. then also I was playing pinball today and i thought about all the times we played loderunner in the basement with flavor ices.

guys remember when we used to go to lake louise then mom would make us stay outside until we were dry and hosed off so we didn’t smell like the lake? and we would play circus on the swing set? haha

or rigging up danger swing, the lawn chair held into a tree with old clothes line? hahah oh my goodness playing mosh in the front yard, and broomball in the street. maybe you guys will play during thanksgiving. when i get home for christmas break we need to play frisbee, i think i am losing all skill for non-use! gasp!

also though this song was on the cassette tapes that we used to listen to to fall asleep. and i must say it still does the trick. i am about to conk out 2.5 hours earlier than i normally would!

turn down the radio!

love, beth


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