November a Time for Thanks: Day 21

Today I am so thankful for communication. All forms. Written word, facial expression, body language, talking….

And mostly, today I am thankful for the opportunity to stay connected to all the great people that I have already mentioned: friends and family. We are so lucky to have the internet and cell phones to stay connected. It’s hard to imagine how it would have been in the olden days… Like if I wanted to say a quick hello to a friend to let them know I’m thinking about them, a text takes 5 seconds and they’ll get it instantly. But back then, I’d have to jot a quick note, send it on the pony express, and heaven knows how much time will pass before they get it!

I’m very thankful for my phone and all the possibilities it has for keeping me connected.  I’m so thankful that I have it to stay up to date with everyone.


This is mine 🙂 I never thought I would want or own an iPhone. But I must say, now that I have it, it makes staying in touch easier than ever. Now I can share pictures so easily, otherwise I would barely ever do it. Also, now I actually take pictures to share with loved ones…that’s a whole new thing to me!

So thank you technology, for making staying in touch with those we love so much easier and possible!


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