ms. biji-san

When I took japanese class, this is what the instructor called me, Miss Busy. hahaha! woo! so I came off a stretch of working 4 nights in a row and I have been crafting it up ever since! I took my first try at dyeing fabric. Actually did not go so awesome. But I do not have any stained body parts, so that’s a plus. Lots of playing with my babies, check them out! So cute!

I was thinking about using these pics on some fabric to make some dog throw pillows, is that lame? Ummmm, NO! It isn’t! check out these ones!
OK I can’t figure out how to get the link to work. somethings wrong with my brain. I guess just cut and paste that into your browser window while I try to figure out what the heck is going on with wordpress…

Hopefully I have more time for sewing, tomo is big time cleaning day! J’s parents are coming for TG so we have to make it look nice! Even the doggies are getting baths! It was J’s birthday today (yesterday…whenever) so I made a funfetti cake with rainbow chip frosting! BUUUT we were too full to eat much after all the Mexican food! They even sang to him en espanol! OMGoodness, I have to take a picture of this cake ASAP (can’t right now, cause he’s in there on skype with all of his video gamer buddies and I think he’ll be like, why are you takin pictures? But you gotta see this cake! He stuffed a slice of bread in the little slot left from the piece we shared so the cake won’t get all crusty! It’s hysterical!

Annnnyways, back on craft train! here’s a sneak peek of some fabric I’ve been working on (another prezzie!) AND! my.first.buttonhole.EVER! Woot!

too much fun! I’ve also got 3 things all cut up, ready to be sewn up when I get a chance! mostly gifts, so you’ll have to wait to see, but here’s my wool shorts (which are a practice for my jeans! I don’t wanna buy nice fabric and make long-or short-legs just to have it look dum)

Sorry they are all going the wrong way! I admit it, I’m just too lazy today. My eyes are closing as we speak! But I miss you guys and I KNOW YOU MISS ME!

Cowboy Pockets! Don’t worry they will be covered! actually the whole short is ripped back apart and ready to be sewn up properly! I just need to get my hands on a 4″ zipper!

Not bad…but see that little hump after the dart, its especially prominent on my R side. (or the L of the pic) Supposedly ironing it out with a “tailors ham” will help. I’m not exactly sure how it will help, to me the “ham” looks like a computer mouse kindov. But what do I know. So I’ll probably get one sooner or later to see if it has the magic touch. Meanwhile…I’m saving up my monies for this!

Once I have this, Elizabeth will have 3x more clothes (which is really saying something if you’ve seen her room!) and so will I! And so will my dogs probably!
So I think that will be my Christmas present to myself! Are you guys getting yourselves any presents for Christmas? (A car with a bow on top! I’ve always wanted that!)


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