NATFT 16-19

November a Time for Thanks: Day 16

Hello friends! Sorry for the delay…things here have been craaaazy! Mostly just with car shenanigans and such…but, alas, I am back and ready to finish this last week strong! So here’s to catching up 😉 And I promise lots of pictures to make up for days past due…

For Day 16, I am thankful for my sisters. You guys are incredible!

I’m so lucky to have you guys in my life and even luckier that I have 4 best friends foreverl! (Annnnd, you’re totally stuck with me, neener neener!)

For real though, you guys make me laugh, I value your opinions and advice, and I’m better off for all of you. Thanks for being awesome 🙂 A

Kristin is the only one who was ready for this picture…squint much guys?!

I also would like to give a shout out to my brother-in-law, adorable niece and Josh 🙂 I’m thankful for all of you!

I also just found this picture and got a good laugh 🙂 hahaha!

DAY 17:

For this day, I am thankful for my parents.

You guys have helped to mold and shape us all! All of your quirks, beliefs, values have been instilled in me and I hold them all very dear. Thanks for all the hard work you took in raising us all and giving us the skills we needed to succeed in life. I am definitely pretty much a miniature mom…everyone tells me how alike we are. Mannerisms, the way we phrase things, facial expressions…I am my mother’s daughter, that’s for dang sure! And I’m lucky and thankful for that, because she’s a great lady!

DAY 18:

Today, I am thankful for space! You know…sun, moon, stars…

Seriously, I love all things space! Staring at the sky is one of my favorite things. There is always something awesome to see in  the sky. Whether it’s clouds, sunsets/rises, stars, northern lights, moon, comets, or the sun it never gets old. I know they say that you’re not suppose to look directly at the sun…but how can I help myself?! It’s so bright and searing…I have a hard time looking away!! My retinas will definitely be thanking me for that someday…I should pry start training a seeing eye dog now because I. just. can’t. look. away.

But these…

…are absolutely devine! I’m so addicted to these I just want to see more! They’re mesmerizing! I am extremely thankful for the mystery, wonder, and breathtaking sites from space.

DAY 19:

Today, I am thankful for entertainment. Especially with all the running around we’ve been doing lately and the whole car search, it’s nice to have some easy ways to relax and unwind, especially when I just want to zone out.

So, lately my favorite TV options are:



Source: Big Bang Theory

All of these are great! Do you watch any of them?! What do you think?! What do you like to watch?

For Books I’ve been trying to pump out the “Wheel of Time” series by Jordan and Sanderson. I’m on 13 now and hear that 14 should be coming out next January! So excited! Love these books so much…


Of course I enjoy putzing around on my phone too. Thanks to Kristin I have been addicted to this lately….


Oh my goodness….I could pry sit and play this all day! Great way to unwind when I have a couple minutes at work…but awfully addicting…BEWARE!!


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