Ginger Tea

Have I got a treat for you guys tonight 🙂

I have just been catching up on the blog and read about raincoatlou’s swollen and sore tonsils. Not fun 😦 But since it is that time of year and just about everybody seems to be getting sick lately, here is a tea that might help boost your immunity or at least soothe your aching throat.

I can’t say for certain because I’m not a medical doctor or trained in herbal supplements in any form…this is just all my opinion. But, if you are feeling awful, go get checked out! And while you’re there you could ask about ginger too. Should be ok unless you might be pregnant, I think. But again, I’m not an MD, just a ginger lover!

Anyway, before I give you the tea I will share my story. About a month ago I was told that I had strep throat and mono. Yikers! Double whammy! But I was baffled because my throat didn’t hurt a bit. Not one ounce of pain. The only reason I even went in is because one tonsil was swollen to half the size of my throat and was making it difficult to swallow. Then white patches also appeared. The Dr. was shocked that I didn’t hurt or complain of pain at all. And I think it was all the ginger tea. I started drinking it roughly 2 weeks to a month before I knew I was sick and I’m pretty sure it helped to manage some of my symptoms…

So if you’re throat is dry, achy, sore, you may want to try this for some relief.

First, all you really need is some fresh ginger root

I like to grate my ginger or smash it in the garlic press. I used to take the skin off with a peeler also but have recently gotten lazy and left it on. I’ve found the grated ginger works the best.

If you grate it, add a teaspoon of grated ginger to a cup of boiling water and let it steep for about 5-10 minutes. If you just cut it into small pieces you may need to use a little more or try to smash it with the knife a bit so it will steep better. If you’re a ginger fiend like I am, you may want to add a little bit more.

And there you have it! Such a delicious, soothing drink! I tend to drink it plain but there are other ways you can jazz it up a bit if you’d like.

1) Try adding a tablespoon of honey. Mmmmm!

2) Try adding a little bit of lemon or a lemon wedge

3) Try honey and lemon

4) Try it with a little honey and mint

I must say, I’m kinda a plain Jane. I dig the ginger on its own or with a little honey usually. I’m typically a big fan of mint but mixing it with the ginger wasn’t my favorite. Some people love it, so you may too!

Enjoy 🙂

Any other good ginger recipes out there? Which variation is your favorite?


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