Yay for Friday!

Hi guys! Happy Friday! Pops is here visiting right now (actually he is napping- poor guy has been up since 3am travelling). We walked all over campus already, and AND! saw Mike the tiger SWIMMING!!!! He was so cute! Dad charmed the tiger right into the water haha, I’ve never seen him do that before. 

Anyways, I am so glad that it is finally the weekend, this week really had it in for me. Yesterday I was working for Dr. Cherry from 9:30 am to about 3am with just 3.5 hours of break throughout the day. I am tiredddd! I should be napping to so that I can stay up late with Pop, but I’d guess I will pry be able to anyways.

I had a presentation this morning about an article I read using multiple regression, I think my classmates liked it. I was up late finishing it so they better like it! haha.

It is going to be weird celebrating Thanksgiving with my friends instead of with you guys, but alas I will be home soon! 

In the mean time I have about 12 pages of writing that need to be done next week…and lots of data checking, and listening to the last 2 storm interviews and print them out. 

I think I might mix up some pasta salad while dad is sleeping, I bought a tomato I hope it hasn’t gone bad…that wouldn’t be so fun… anyways!

My tonsils are super pressurized right now, and I can see white on each of them =/ not feeling so good and sorta hurts a lot to swallow. I will deal with them next week.

This song has been stuck in my head all day:

I can’t wait to get home and have snow! I want it so bad, I changed all my computer backgrounds to pictures of snow hahha.

Miss you guys lots and lots!

Love B


One thought on “Yay for Friday!

  1. Glad you guys had fun!! Dang girl-those tonsils sound awful!! You probably should get them checkout out…sounds like it could be strep. And if you leave it, it will turn into something worse, rheumatic fever, I think. Also, I am loving on ginger tea…not sure if it saved my throat or not but it might help with the pain. I’m going to post a page on it now…just for you!

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