Peperoncini Beef Roast-EASY!!

Hello Friends! Grab your crockpots and gather round-I’ve got a delicious, easy recipe to share!

After our busy week with my car escapades we haven’t had much time to cook nor have we had the energy. But after talking to one of my patients about easy recipes, she told me about this gem:

Easy, Crockpot Peperoncini Beef Roast


Beef Roast, Large jar of Peperoncini, can of low sodium beef broth, 3-4 cloves of garlic, and oregeno, some sort of bread and mozzarella cheese

Put all the ingredients into the crockpot (except the cheese and bread) and cook on low for about 8 hrs while you work or play.

When we got home from work we put some sweet potato fries in the oven and shredded the beef. It smelled so good and shredded so easy-tender and juicy, yum! On another night, I would have tried to make my own, natural sweet potato fries but Mr. Dee’s was good enough for us.

My patient said she usually does open faced sandwiches on texas toast with cheese (sounds good) but we opted for sandwiches on french bread…also good! So we cut the bread and added the cheese. Then put in however much meat you want. I put some peperoncini on top of mine and it was goooood! Adam added giardiniera which also looked good.


All in all, it was a delicious recipe that was really easy to make. Literally throw it in a pot and let the crockpot do its magic! We will definitely be making this again sometime 🙂

If you like Peperoncini and if you like some roast…you’re sure to enjoy this too!

Happy cooking!



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