Safety Not Guaranteed

Over the weekend we watched “Safety Not Guaranteed,” with Aubrey Plaza, Jake Johnson, and a bunch of other awesome people.

Picture source and more info on movie here!

We really enjoyed this movie. Adam is a little bit nicer critic than I am…I am the worst, terribly picky and not easily impressed.

But, this movie gets big 2 thumbs up from me 🙂

Basically some magazine writers decide to write a story about an add they found in the classified looking for someone to travel back in time. They wanted to follow up and see if the person who placed the add was serious or what it all entailed and thought they might get a funny story out of it. So they answer his add and, well training ensues. It was captivating to see how it all comes together and how they prepare for their “journey back  in time.” It’s a great story that has a lot of heart.

I haven’t heard of Mark Duplass before, the guy who put the add in, but I thought he played his part really well. He made me smile 🙂

So next time you’re pacing around the movie store or flipping through redbox, give Safety Not Guaranteed a shot…pretty sure you’ll dig it! And if, like me, your movie picking privileges get taken away because you take forever to chose and either pick a  really bad one or one you’ve seen a million times…this one is a sure fire win! Maybe, just maybe, you’ll even get to pick the next one 😉



4 thoughts on “Safety Not Guaranteed

  1. There is something off about Safety Not Guaranteed and I believe it is the script; it tries way too hard to be the next quirky comedy. Still, I had an alright time with this movie and I have to contribute a lot of that to Plaza. Great review.

    • I definitely see what you mean. There were times when I though, “this is strange….what the heck?” But all in all, once you get over that it was pretty enjoyable 🙂 Thanks for your input!

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