2012 resolutions

Hey! Did you guys do New Years resolutions? Of course I did! I love lists! I actually wrote them on an insert to a coffee / tea mug so I can carry them everywhere!

20121113-205954.jpg ok, so, here’s a little check-in if I’ve been naughty or nice this year!
snowshoe not yet, but snow hiking… Kind of close…
knit hat yup I did it! click me to see the finished hat
make a shirt yes! And plans to make many more! Hopefully I get some pants made too!

master crow ummm no. My yoga mat has been pretty lonely since July when I started running. We need to meet up again. At this point I need to master toe touch hahaha! Luckily I have 3 groupons for yoga so I’d best get busy!
Vegas!also, sadly no, but I have made several other unanticipated trips this year! LA, Hood River, OR, Ilx2…
see sound ers well I’m a failure! I’ve worked through EVERY home game! What the heck! THe last game is Sunday and YES I’m working. This one is 100% failed 😦
read 20 novels hmmm…. I have to be close…
1. Honeymoon w my brother
2. Night circus
3. Dorian gray
4. The fourth man
5. The heart is a lonely hunter
6. Fireflies
7. Mocking jay
8. Trauma stewardship-actually not fiction so does that still count? I’m counting it!
9. T zero
10. Catching fire
11.hunger games
12. Devil in the white city
13. Dare to die
14. Heaven is for real
15. Crooked letter, crooked letter
16. A high wind in Jamaica
17. Glaciers
18. The secret life of lobsters
19. Little face
20. The uncle Steve books, do these count!?
And I’m reading Edgar Sawtelle right now while waiting for Harbinger…
volunteer o yea! Girls on the run! Is so much fun!
learn Spanishwell, I sure tried a little anyway. But could try a whole lot harder!
clean out computerummmm… This is still doable I guess:) probably important. Better back up all the Justin Beiber I acquired over the year. Not for me of course…girls on the run love it!
travel out of USA woo! We went to china!

Sunday crosswords check! I have been doing them faithfully every week! And once I even finished one entirely! Thanks for the easy week Mearle Regal!
make delicious coffee probably I should have written make coffee delicious… Anyway… Yup! YUM! And I definitely use coffee like a drug! Rarely only when needed! Works like a charm!

learn Shakira dance honestly, I haven’t even looked at this, I’ll move it to the top of the queue now! Thanks YouTube!
go to conference instead of conference, I’ve gone to lots of educational opportunities! A wound care class, an EKG class, first aid, ACLS, concentrated respiratory class, and IV therapy skills.
monthly massage I have gotten more than my fair share of massages this year! Although not space out. In april or may I got a prescription for 12 massages, plus I’ve gone through a couple massage groupons, so I’m probably up to about 15 so far! This is one resolution I can handle! Also, it helps so much with my headaches!
be decisive I’m constantly working on this one, but I’m getting better. Mainly when Josh asks me what I want to eat or what I want to do I try to make a choice. The reason why it is so difficult I have found is because when he asks, “what do you want to eat?” My answer (in my head) is donuts and pie, something with whipped cream on the top. Dinner doesn’t sound delicious! But dessert does!
simplify and organize ooooo! I get 1/2 points for this one. Organization skills are at a zero! But I have been simplifying by donating a lot of stuff we don’t need or use. I’ve quit buying so many things and I’m trying harder to repurpose things we already have. Still room for improvement however!
stand up straight I would say my posture is getting better but I still catch myself hunching like Quasimodo from time to time. Especially when I’m cold I hold my shoulders up really tight. No good for my headaches…
pray moreI don’t know if I’m quite at daily, but I’ll count this as completed. I definitely pray a lot especially for other people. I have small reminders like certain signs when I’m driving, I’ll turn the music and say a few prayers.
Whew! I still got a lot to work on! 7.5 weeks to go! Happy New Years! ( the way I see it, everydays an opportunity to start new! Lucky for me 🙂 ha!)


3 thoughts on “2012 resolutions

  1. I like how many you make! I used to but then realized I never tried that hard to do them. Now I usually try to pick one or two. This year was to read more so mission accomplished! I’ve done about 20 too…like 18 more than last year. Great idea in the cup too…how did you do that?!?!

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