8 Weeks to Optimum Health

I recently read 8 Weeks to Optimum Health, by Andrew Weil, M.D….and forgot I was borrowing it from the library, so now it is terribly overdue. It was lots of neat recipes to try and good tidbits of info in there.


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Let’s just say it was worth the fine 😉

The book is all about lifestyle changes that you can do, over the course of 8 weeks to improve your bodies natural healing capabilities. So, I took out some of my favorite info to share with all of you!

1) Dr. Weil recommends having flowers in your home. I love this 🙂 They are so bright and uplifting that looking at them makes my day. And it’s so easy to do, buy and enjoy!

2) He also states that walking is great exercise. Sounds obvious but I always like reading that walking still has great health benefits…I’m no runner. So when he says that you don’t have to run, walking is enough-I’m all for it! I could walk all day and be happy as a clam! Stretching is good too. So yoga and walking?! Sign me up!

3) “News Fast.” With this he recommends picking various days through the week and avoiding all sources of news. I know it may sound a bit odd and disconnected but I think it’s awesome. Most of the news is depressing and horrible. Tons of graphic, morbid stories in the news close to home that are totally disheartening. So, by avoiding it, you’re not bringing yourself down. This is easy for me because I’m always out of the loop. Happily naive…but how much is too much?!

4) Good news for Garlic lovers!! Here are some positive benefits of eating garlic: it’s totally great for the cardiovascular system as it can help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It’s also said to help with bacterial infections, strengthen the immune system, and even help to keep cancer at bay. I LOVE GARLIC!

5) GINGER!! Ginger is my latest obsession…I’ve been pretty much drinking it as tea everyday for the past 3 months and can’t. get. enough. Plus…it’s great for you! It’s said to help decrease pain, especially with upset stomachs or throats, help relieve pain, and spur digestion. It can also help prevent ulcers and also has anticancer properties.

It has a lot of great other info too but these are my favorites. Overall…it’s pretty much eat more whole, natural foods that are free from preservatives. Spend time in nature and reflection on positive aspects of your life. There are lots of breathing exercises too to try and help calm you down or help your body to rest…especially if you’re the stressful type.

All in all, good read! Lots of fun healing stories 🙂 Love all the stuff Dr. Weil is about! Keep it up!


2 thoughts on “8 Weeks to Optimum Health

  1. Looks like a good one! I know a doctor Weil and she is also very smart! Ok well sweet! Do you guys know about roasted garlic? Basically it makes it a touch more mild and you can put it on anything! I also like the idea of news fast, sometimes all that stuff is stressful! Did u share this with Mom and her earthquake tracker? Haha

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