an easy weekend.

hey hey folks!

This weekend has been super easy and super chill. Friday after class I had Dina and Dillon and Bryan over for grilled cheese sandwiches, oreos, grapes, and celery with peanut butter. It was nice to just sit and relax, and hear about each other’s days. It is nice too to have friends that aren’t really high strung. Dillon was going on a date at a street festival down the street from my apartment complex, so the rest of us said we would go if he was either having lots of fun or if it was awkward.

Dina ended up getting a call from her insurance company (she was in a car wreck but she is okay) and they said her car was totaled, which it didn’t seem like more than a bent hood so that was bogus. The three of us headed out to the street festival and got some drinks and listened to some good live music, then played some juke box music in one of the bars. I got to meet this fellow that Dina has been seeing for pretty regular dates, and he was nice. We went and got diner food super late at night and just relaxing and having a low key evening =]

Saturday was even more low key. I woke up around noonish and met Bryan at a coffee place near campus. I haven’t picked up on drinking coffee still, but i got a chocolate crescent which was tasty! It was about 86 degrees outside so we decided to go swimming. Yup. In the middle of November. The water was super super cold, but it was fun anyways. and really comfortable temperature-wise once we got out of the water.

It was still game day at LSU, so my house was full of tailgaters visiting with my roommate. Like almost 15 people were there all at once, plus a dog. I would’ve joined them except that I still don’t really feel like spending much time with my roommate after the falling out of sorts. So instead Bryan and I just hung out all day.

Side note: I imagine you all wondering if he is just a friend, or rather something more. I’m not really so sure myself. I like spending time with him for sure, and he is one of my best friends down here, though I haven’t really sorted out if there are any other feelings for him. (He does seem to like me quite a bit though)

Bryan took me out for pizza, then we watched Indiana Jones and Back to the Future. It was a really relaxing Saturday with absolutely nothing to think about. Burned some popcorn for us…oops haha.

Sunday I slept in again until about noon, met up with Dina and Bryan for lunch at a mexican place close to my house, then they wanted coffee so we stopped there too. I came home and cleaned my room- took out the trash- checked the mail from yesterday. Then it started raining so of course I had to nap haha. I was supposed to be working on things all day today, but instead listened to all the songs from Flight of the Conchords, and watched videos of sand painting, talked with a few friends on the telephone, and just chilled out. I think I am going to read through somethings (oh hey Nat on the phone =] haha) and then head to bed to be ready for class tomorrow morning =]

Love you guys talk to you soon!!



5 thoughts on “an easy weekend.

  1. haha… naw your post wasn’t too long!!! i’m taking yet another break from studying =D while making brownies with my roommate! oh well I guess I should start at it again! say a prayer for me and all the other nursing students tomorrow at noon! God knows we’ll need it!

  2. Yeah sounds like tons of fun and relaxing! Perfect weekend!! I like coffee too, it’s sooo good! But def gives me the jitters and keeps me up at night. I guess I’m very sensitive to caffeine…

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