Girls on the run!

Well, I feel like I should get a little more in depth with what I’ve been spending 6 hours a week on! Girls on the run is for 3rd-5th grade girls! It’s a group of 15 girls and 2 adults (coaches) who mostly talk about tough stuff, like bullies, peer pressure, inner beauty, etc. Also it incorporates healthy living and exercise! Even exercise as a type of stress relief! So far it’s been fun BUT a huge challenge! I want the kids to like me, but I’m realizing it doesn’t matter what I do they like me anyway. You know I failed miserably at babysitting, so why would I think I would be good at this, I don’t know, ha! But I’m getting better for sure. I wanted to post this today, because tomorrow should be my “guest post” on the girls on the run blog and I want to link you guys to it! I hope they have some pictures, I keep forgetting to take them. Anyway, while its been a challenge I’m really loving getting to know the future and pass on a little of my wisdom! One of the biggest challenges has just been getting there, it’s 30 miles away! I didn’t realize that when I signed up! So if I sign up again Ill try to pick somewhere closer for sure! Although all of the people I work with now are great! I’ll tell you one thing- doing this really makes me grateful for what I have in my “day job”! I left last week and had to go straight to work, but boy was I glad to be there! At practice no one was listening. They were running amok on the playground, talking while I was talking, every time I turned my head one way a girl on the other side would jump up and wander off. I couldn’t do anything to get them to listen. I had a scavenger hunt planned, but then they all tied themselves up in yarn, it was around their necks, in their earrings, around their legs! WhAaAaATt?!?!?!? People could have asphyxiated each other! They were just twirling and laughing, having so much fun! Ooooooo-you know I was so upset, the treasure hunt just went out the window and I made everyone run laps. I felt bad then too. They were all walking with their heads down…then it started to rain. I tried to dance and have a good time but too late, everyone’s pouting. Ahhh it’s so nice to work with old people, contagious disease, even death. I’m comfortable with that part of the circle of life. Anyway, last week I was ready to give it up, but this week energized me! I love the stupid things they say, I love playing freeze tag, every once and a while they surprise me! Long story long-it’s hard, but I think I’m hooked! I think this is an awesome program, I gotta make sure one is set up for E when she gets that old 🙂
Total side note! Just had a serious Winnie the Pooh moment over here! I’m standing at the iPod dock typing this out with one hand and dipping into the honey jar with other! And just licking it off my fingers! What the heck! Complete subconscious maneuver! I think I was even humming

when I up down touch the ground I think of things to chew O with a hefty happy appetite I’m a hefty happy Pooh

So WOW I have that going for me!
I’m not sure if I can do the link from my iPod but ill try! My school is Madrona Elementary! Look for me! here here HERE is the blog 😉 I hope


2 thoughts on “Girls on the run!

  1. It’s awesome what you’re doing for those girls! I bet it’s making a big difference and means a lot to them!

    And your pooh comment is too funny 🙂

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