Grocery List

Hey!  I’ve been procrastinating my paperwork for school all night by going shopping and reading more Water for Elephants! Its pretty good, but I’ll have to write my full opinion when I finish. Anyhow, I saw your guys’ grocery lists up and thought I’d add mine from today… although I must say, my diet is pretty unhealthy/unbalanced haha. alright…

tortilla chips

shredded cheese

graham cracker crust 

mac n’ cheese =)

sour patch kids


limes and avocado for guac!

apples and applesauce!

MMM I can’t wait to eat it all.  By the way that pumpkin cheesecake recipe is from mom and its delicious.  I’ll try to post it tomorrow cause I don’t have classes HALLELUJAH!!! That will give me plenty of time to sleep and make the pie tomorrow.  =)  well I should probably get back to doing homework and quit procrastinating for good… btw I think I know what I’ll give up for lent ha ha, it’ll be hard but probably really good for me  (and my grades!).  CIAO!


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