Crockpot Curry Chicken

So, as promised to Kristin, here is some super easy crockpot chicken recipes!

Tonight we were adding to our Ginger Thai/Curry Soup and Quinoa by adding chicken and veggies. And the crockpot makes it super easy!

This is what we did today:

Put in frozen chicken, however much you want (we did 2 large breasts). Then put in some sort of stock (we used veggie stock) to cover the chicken halfway. Add water until the chicken is covered…and maybe then a little bit exta. Then we dumped in a bunch of tumeric and curry powder. Set it on low and went to work!

When we got home we shredded the chicken and added some garlic and a little bit more powder to flavor the insides. It gets really tender and moist but the interior doesn’t have as much flavor as the outside part. We let that cook a little longer while I cut up some carrots and broccoli.


Piece it all together and voila….


Delicious!!!! Add some cashews and oooo-eeeeee, so good! And super bright yellow….I think all our stuff might be stained a little now. Oops….will have to scrub city on those.

But what if I don’t want to make Curry Chicken you may ask….well, my friends, I have more crockpot secrets for you! And dare I say, they are GOOD!

Salsa Chicken

Again, put frozen chicken in the bottom. Pour salsa in about half way or so and then add water until the chicken is covered. Then add whatever spices you like. I recommend either using a packet of taco seasoning or cumin, chili powder, and cayenne pepper. Then cook on low during the day. If it smells so good when you get home you’re doing something right šŸ˜‰ Then, I like to shred it and add onions and jalepenos and let it cook some more! Enjoy! (we’ve also done about 1/4 salsa, 1/4 chicken stock, 1/2 water to cover it and it was good)

Standard Chicken

Put in frozen chicken, however much you like! Then add chicken broth…however much again. We’ve done almost all the way covered or half broth and half water and all of it works fine. Then add whatever spices you’re feeling that day, we usually still do chili powder and cayenne pepper with salt and pepper. Low and cook all day, then shred and let the inside absorb the flavor. We’ve used this to top salads or with quinoa and veggies or as any easy shredded chicken.

All of em, so easy and so delicious! Good luck!!

And, sorry about the crazy font above…I’ve been hitting some buttons and don’t know how to undo it…hahahhaa!

Have a great night guys!


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