not the best day I’ve ever had.

oh hey y’all =]

today has been particularly rough in the south. I came down with a horrid cold, so my throat has been sore and i’ve been coughing a lot =/ hopefully I will get it all out of my system before too long. Pry from a lot of late nights and early mornings.

This morning i had to wake up early to do data checking, and on my way out of the house my roommate finally blew her top. she told me that it was my fault we have to live in a rat hole because i don’t have a car and that i wasn’t cleaning up after myself, and that i haven’t bought anything for the house (like toilet paper or dish sponges), that i am irresponsible and play music and videos too loud too late at night. She said we have to make a chore chart because she has been doing all the cleaning and taking out the trash. i made Asian chicken salad on friday and i guess the trash stank because of the chicken in it, and she says she sent me a text about taking it out-but i never got that, and i have never lived with a vegetarian before so i suppose that was just horrible for her to have to take out stinky chicken trash (which i will say is pry the only thing she said that i think i actually did mess up on).

I don’t think the rest though, is very true. now I know that i am not the cleanest person in the world, but i do keep my mess localized to my bedroom. i have actually cleaned the bathroom and kitchen and dining room and living room a few times each month. not excessively, but i hadn’t noticed her cleaning at all, so it seemed fair enough.

she said we have 9 months left to live together- i didn’t say that i had been keeping a countdown too. figured it would just be mean. didn’t really have much to say to her except sorry. i think when i get home tonight i am going to ask if we can sort out the chore chart she said we needed to make.

all this while having a cold.

oh and my friend dina got in a car accident this morning =[ she is okay though. still saw her at school. just her car that got banged up, and pry her ego and week are a little off kilter too.

time to track down some things for the dr. i have a nice mountain of work to pile through. i could use a nice day off like you guys have!

printed the football ticket for dad’s visit though!! which is the second good thing all day! (first being that we checked data and it went quick)


8 thoughts on “not the best day I’ve ever had.

  1. Oh yikes 😦 that sounds like a bummer! But…first of all, I would like to say, it is not your fault that you have to live in a “rat hole.” She knew you couldn’t live far from campus because you didn’t have a car and if that was an issue she could have easily found somewhere else to live or another roommate. It’s not your fault. Plus, where she wanted to live didn’t take your safety on the public bus into account at all…which is totally selfish and thoughtless. Hopefully a chore chart will calm her down, stop the drama, and help the next 9 months go quick….but kinda flash back to chores/allowance huh?

  2. Let me start this by saying I LOVE how you start all the posts, y’all! Pretty soon you’ll be calling us ma’am! You are so southern! Awesome! Yup. I thought she was the one who actually signed the lease. But whatevs keep playing your music girl! There’s nothing better than music! I think basically all of us who are reading this blog would want to come kick her spoiled booty right back to stuck-up-ville, but that’s not what we should do. So for now I’ll keep my mouth shut but just curious, are there any one bedrooms available at the place?

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  3. BTW I know a busy day sucks, but I actually preferred a busy day when things get rough because it keeps my mind off things. If I do think about things I get very vengeful. Which is no way to spend my precious time! Xoxo and talk to you soon! Call me anytime sista!

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  4. will likely be making all my phone calls tomorrow! its time to catch up for reals! went to an election party, Sonia makes the best food everrrrr! My dear roomie was there, but didn’t talk or look at me all night. until i asked her if i could ride home with her, and she said yeah.
    on the ride home i apologized for the chicken, said i hadn’t even thought about it. let her rant and vent some more. told her i bought toilet paper as a peace treaty. said we can figure it out and that she can talk to me.
    things seem rocky- but i think workable.
    time for sleeps. i love you guys =] aaaaa

  5. Yeah at least you’re trying to make her feel more comfortable when it must be totally awkward. Is she an only child? It doesn’t sound like she’s used to sharing space or dealing with people who aren’t just like her…you jut keep being you…which is awesome 🙂

  6. yeah! keep being awesome- sorry i havent been able to chat. i’m typing one handed now holding a sleeping baby (she was sooooooo mad this morning after i sucked her nose out and gve her a bath) yikes. glad you are makibg things work. love you! ps- how do i post on this thing??

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