Costco! (Or Sam’s Club)

Ahhh! Rae! You really got me going with your Costco post! heres mine!
Organic strawberry jam
Laundry detergent
Tropical fruit trail mix
Stretch island fruit leather
Dove soap
Pack of dog toys
Hot dogs
Organic tomato sauce
Olive oil
Frozen enchiladas
Smoked salmon
Giant bag of grapefruits

These are the things I like to get at Costco? What else is missing from my list? Anyone else have recommendations? Of course a slice of pizza and a twist frozen yogurt cone too! I LOVE lists and shopping lists are way more fun than to-do lists! Any other stores we need a master list for?


O! Ps. I need to tell you about the 2 organic options on my list. This strawberry jam is the best ever hands down! Even beats homemade! I dare you to try it! It runs out some time throughout the year so I need to hurry back and get more soon I hope! And the canned tomato sauce… The giant case makes it for certain there’s always some lying around and just add some spices and onion and garlic and poof! I can make an marinara! Instant pasta meal ready in 6 minutes! Or 2 minutes if you have some angel hair.


6 thoughts on “Costco! (Or Sam’s Club)

  1. My main issues are health care and pro-life. So I voted with the stance of the church, which is a no go for that. Glad its over-no more crazy mean commercials anymore! Your list sounds yummy! We usually get all our toilet paper and paper towels there too…lasts forever!! They have frozen chicken breasts we get a lot too, they’re sectioned off so you can pull out 2 breasts at a time-so convenient! And the milk is great too!!

  2. O! Good to know about the chicken breast! Ya those commercials were really vicious! I am thankful for no more of that too!
    Do you guys drink all that milk!?!? That is a lot of milk! Maybe you are making milkshakes šŸ™‚

    • Doesn’t yours sell it by the gallon? That’s what we get!! Yeah I got some easy chicken breast recipes to share in crock pot šŸ™‚ so good and easy!

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