Weekend update! NATFT 3

Welp, I kinda fell off the face of the planet this weekend! Def ready to jump start into action today 🙂

We took a trip to visit S and her lovely family this weekend 🙂 lots of relaxing, games (kept losing euchre big time!), food, and time holding this cute little lady


Couldn’t. Put. Her. Down.

Between eats and sleeps we were also playing some Settlers of Catan: cities and knights. So fun! Also it changed the flow of the game soooo much…had its own catchers ship of death!!! Remind anyone else of save the whales?!? Well, it was pretty intense and I gotta say-I get a bit competitive…Adam wouldn’t trade with me, so our nations were at war a bit.


We never actually had time to finish…and I dont know who was leading but I had to take a picture of my yellow castle! Win! And it was good I snapped this when I did because it got captured 2 turns later…

Anyway…NATFT 3 time!
I am thankful for clean clothing. I feel very lucky to have a dresser and closet full of clean things to wear.

And this weekend, doing laundry was especially nice because I didnt have to use quarters! So…my usual laundry mountain is no more!

Check out that basket full of fresh smelling goodness & the empty laundry hamper. It’s a rarity folks!

But for that I am thankful!


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